Who we are?

Who are we? "Who is" Erasmusland ? We are mainly a group of friends - some of us know each other since years, others are "newbies" - who dedicate some of their free time (sometimes a bit more;-)) to organize Erasmusland activities. We are almost all students, even if someone of us became older and is finally working while he tries to continue to help the old friends of Erasmusland.
Centre of our association are the "Active Members". They take care of several aspects of the Erasmusland life, from the organization of the welcome parties to the cultural events, passing through conversation tandems exchanges, trips, parties, cineforums, immersions in the deep nature.
Most important we are all volunteers, that means that we are not paid from what we do..so why? well we love to stay with international and mixed-cultured people so to remember the old times when we were erasmus too (once erasmus, always erasmus).

Become Staff

Did you come back from your erasmus and would you like to live once again that great experience in the place where you live?
What we tell you is that is possible. And the only chance you have to continue your erasmus is has only one name: ERASMUSLAND. Use the form below to contact us in order to became erasmusland staff.

Our Staff