International Community Bologna (IC Bologna) has its origins in 2010 when a group of students at the University of Bologna decided to help exchange students arriving in the city in a student-to-student way.

There were many difficulties these exchange students faced, such as language, the complicated bureaucracy of both the university and the rest of the institutions, the search for accommodation, and all this added to arriving in a new city where they had no friends.

With this spirit of offering help and being your first friends in the city, it grew and evolved over the years, finally becoming a large group with an international presence but always close and concerned with offering a friendly and useful service. We want to be your friends, we want to be your family in your new host city.

That is why IC Bologna is a big family that grows every year and there are already many, many thousands of students who can guarantee the value of the love and experience of IC Bologna.

IC Bologna is open to anyone who likes to help, and everyone is welcome because we know that everyone has something to contribute.

And finally, our main reward is knowing that we have collaborated in making your stay the best year of your life!