Learn Italian at the best price. Small groups, included material and expert teachers

Do you want to improve your Italian? Or you cannot speak the language well enough?

This year, IC Bologna Erasmus offers another service.

We are offering a 30 hours Italian Course for only 129 euros!

The courses will start on Monday, October 12th and end in December.  There will be 2 lessons per week, divided into 2 90-minute lessons.  The lessons will be held at our office in Via Irnerio 43, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday at 17:30 -19.00, 19.00-20.30 e 20.30-22.00.

Groups between 6 and 12 people!

Italian Courses will focus on three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

Beginner level focuses on articles, simple prepositions, regular and irregular plurals, possessive adjectives, present tense, past tense, future, and imperfect tense.

Intermediate level focuses on developing the basics of beginner level and includes: uses of past tense, indicative and conditional tenses, continuities with its common uses, pronominal verbs, positive and negative pronominal imperatives.

Advanced level, after having reviewed the two previous levels, focuses on common language and particular uses of idiomatic expressions, passive forms, and daily language. 

Lessons will be divided into 2 parts, first will be grammar explanations while second will focus on conversations and games which will put in practice the grammar of the day.

The course will be taught by an Italian teacher for foreigners. 

Registrations will be closed on Tuesday, October 6th.